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Full Name: Hadriel
Age: 57 (100,000,000)
Gender: Male
Species: Angelus buteo
Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 130lbs

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With an impressive stature and a stocky body, Hadriel wouldn't even need to be covered in scars and riddled with thick, dark tattoos to be intimidating to most. His tattoos cover his milk white body from his collarbone to his ankles in what appears to be tribal tattoos... sort of. A human wouldn't be able to tell that they are really calligraphic characters of the language of the celestial realm. On Hadriel's right side of his body, the characters woven elegantly together is a series of positive traits about Hadriel himself and what he intends the world to look like once his mission is done. On the left side of his body is all of the bad traits that he acknowledges within himself, a particularly bold word etched thickly, almost angrily into his left breasts that read "Treason" from his collar bone down to his ribs. It is the thickest part of all of his tattoos and the least beautiful of all of them.

Hadriel's hair is a deep rusty red, like that of dried blood. It is loosely curly, long enough to frame his oval shaped face and drape his shoulders. His narrow almond eyes hold a pale green iris within them, though there are visible streaks and flecks here and there of a red hue, some even closer to an intense magma-like pink.

Hadriel's wings are the typical long and broad shape for his species, built for power more than speed. The feathers carry a strange spectrum of off-white oranges in between the thick markings on each feather caused by a black dye. His wings almost resemble that of a very, very pale orange tiger. The markings on his wings are also writings in the celestial language, though on some of the primaries there are ringlets resembling the natural patterns of a hawk's wing. His wingspan measures 13 feet across.

Hadriel's stocky torso ripples with power, not a trace of fat anywhere. The scars are overlapped by the ink of his tattoos, as the ink is replaced as his flesh is damaged, but they are still very noticeable.

Hadriel is chaos incarnate. There is no oath that he will not break and no laws that he will not disregard. At one point he was a very obedient soldier in Heaven, but now he exists only to wipe out the disarray of the Earth, aka human beings. He will fight the forces of Hell just as readily as he will fight the forces of Heaven, all except for Uriel. Hadriel is not a very loud angel, but he is not quiet either when he feels there is something that needs to be said.

Hadriel believes in his mission so fiercely that he surrendered his own immortality to accomplish it. He has mercilessly slaughtered angels and humans with no regard to their age, gender, social status or belief system. He knows his insatiable thirst for a pure world without humans will ultimately destroy him, which is why he is as wreckless as he is. He doesn't have time to worry about consequences or rules. He is already mortal, and time will kill him even if nothing else does.

Aside from his mission, Hadriel has a curious side to him that some might find endearing. Show him anything new, if you can, and he is transfixed by it. He'll want to know literally everything about it as fast as anyone can show or explain it to him. It is even enough to stem the flow of his voracious bloodlust for a time.

That being said, Hadriel can be very unpredictable, as he believes his mission is more important than anyone's life, not just his own. He'd stab his best friend in the back if it would help his cause. He is not to be trusted, and is considered Chaotic Evil, though he believes he is sacrificing everything for the greater good. He had real hopes and dream once, but his frustration with the humans' outright disregard for the laws the Creator has set out for them has pushed him over the edge.

The only one he has respect for and will still obey to some degree to this day is Uriel.

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